Fiber Network Planning

Trinity Cabling Solutions designs a fiber-optic network that leads to a successful installation and full operation. It includes:

  1. Determining the type of communication systems which will be carried over the network.
  2. The geographic layout (premises, campus, outside plant.
  3. The transmission equipment required and the fiber network over which it will operate.

Designing a fiber optic network usually also requires interfacing to other networks which may be connected over copper cabling and wireless.

Next to consider are requirements for permits, easements, permissions, and inspections. Once we get to that stage, we can consider actual component selection, placement, installation practices, testing, troubleshooting, and network equipment installation and startup. Finally, we have to consider documentation, maintenance and planning for restoration in event of a future outage. 

At Trinity Cabling solutions we understand that design not only affects the technical aspects of the installation but the business aspects as well.